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Suning Shanghai logistics center system upgrade - Super Network warehouse

Suning logistics was founded in 1990, formerly known as Suning Share Ltd (now renamed Suningyun group Limited , herein after referred to as "Suningyun") Logistics Department,  the first  one in the whole process of warehousing, distribution and other supply chain service enterprises; in 2012, Suninglogistics company incorporated, by the enterprise internal logistics transformation into the modernization of the independent third party logistics enterprises; logistics group was founded in January 2015, the comprehensive socialization of the open road, is the main enterprise which promote by  the ten major logistics information service platform.

Over the past 20 years, Suningyun always adhere to build own self logistics and O2O logistics system to provide customers with better logistics service experience.

With the continuous growth of business volume, considering the operation difficulties of the logistics center for E-commerce supplier, Suning logistics carried out the upgrading for the major logistics centers, greatly enhancing the service capacity. In the 2016 "double eleven" period, this print journalist visited Suning logistics center which just completed the upgrading in Shanghai, interviewed Suning Shanghai area management center general manager Mr. Xu Chenghang. He said, Suning Shanghai logistics center upgraded from the internal layout, system upgrades, intelligent equipment applications and other aspects of the improvement, to achieve a doubling of service capacity.

E-commerce supplier logistics faces many challenges. The characteristics of E-commerce supplier logistics is extremely obvious: massive fragmentation of goods regulations, loose orders. The logistics center warehouse management ability and integration ability get challenges; orders difference between peak and average, and promotion brings the explosive growth in orders, create a huge problem in logistics operation management; high efficiency is required for users, the timely delivery and accuracy expect more and more high, the overall operational efficiency of logistics center and terminal distribution capabilities have put forward high requirements.

Considering the market demand and industry difficulties’ points, Suning logistics center in Shanghai make the overall logistics solutions for logistics center layout optimization,  and set up the explosion area, the core operation area, area optimization according to the goods sold, to increase use of automation equipment and system and improve the overall order fulfillment efficiency.

Intelligent picking robot. Suning Shanghai Logistics Center is equipped with intelligent picking robot in first time (similarto Kiva robot) to help people complete the picking action to realize the automatic management of precious goods area and unmanned warehouse goods. In the domestic E-commerce platform, Suning is the first company to use the technology in the operating environment. In the future, Suning will also use intelligent robots in more projects. It plans toreplace 30% of its daily operation capacity with robots, providing consumers with better quality and efficient logistics services.