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Review ROBAM how to build an intelligent warehouse logistics center

Project background

Logistics as an important measure of service level, has been valued by ROBAM, they build own logistics team since established. With the expansion of the scale of the company's business, efficient logistics equipment and systems have also been gradually introduced to achieve automated warehouse operations. However, under the continuous and rapid development of ROBAM, the original logistics system is difficult to support the huge volume of business and complex logistics operations, mainly in the following areas.

  (1) the volume of business continues to rise

       (2) increasing the individual demand and the difficulty of management operation

       (3) matching with high-end brands;

       (4) grasp the development trend of the industry

Project overview and composition

ROBAM digital kitchen appliances manufacturing logistics integrated base is the largest kitchen and electric production base in China, with a total investment of 720 million RMB, with a total construction area of about 260 thousand squaremeters. The production base will add 1 million sets of extractor hood and gas stove, 400 thousand sets of disinfection cabinet and microwave oven, 300 thousand production capacities, annual output of 2 million 700 thousand kitchen appliances production capacity, and has 8 million sets of intelligent warehousing and logistics center as supporting capacity.

Automatic palletizing system is composed of 5 mechanical hand (palletizing robot), can complete different forms of palletizing based on different needs of different goods.

 Main operation flow

(1) Warehousing

The warehousing operations of the intelligent logistics center are mainly divided into two parts, one is the warehousing of goods produced in the base, and the other is the warehousing of goods outside the base (other factory areas).

(2) Shelves

Accordingto each ring of shuttle home work assignments, the shuttle ring accept instructions to run the end of conveyor line to load goods which have been palletizing and send to shelve port specified by automated warehouse system, stacker deliver the goods to the designated location.

 3) Disassembly and sorting

When the system is busy, disassembly and sorting operations are often completed in advance to ensure delivery efficiency. The disassembly operation area in third floor (or in the operation area of intelligent robot palletizing) according to the order in advance of the goods by a layer of stacked (such as extractor hood stacking two layers, each layer 4or 6 sets), then place the truck directly from the automated warehouse shipment loading.

(4) EX-warehouse

The whole pallet and disassembly goods stored in advance is shipped directly by automated warehouse, the stacker will deliver the goods to the shipping port, the shuttle car ring will transported to the corresponding delivery platform.Other disassembled and selected goods  can be shipped straightly from the vertical lift. When shipped, the information of the end of the conveying line will readthe information again to ensure the accuracy of the category and quantity ofthe goods.

(5) Loading

Forklift driver fork goods to the truck side according to the system instruction, the loading operation personnel load goods, the system lift goods and pallet information binding, tray recycling. The goods can achieve maximum utilization of vehicle loading space through the system planning, strictly follow accordance with the size and direction of palletizing products, finally deliver to 82 branch company of ROBAM, the major  E-commerce platform or proprietary platform.