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Sophia Furniture - customized 4.0 Industrial

Sophia Furniture customized smart "future factory"

Intelligent technology isprofoundly changing the production mode and industrial form of themanufacturing industry. Sophia Furniture has maintained a rapid growth in the past decades. The key is to take the lead in solving the contradiction between personalized customization demand and large-scale production in the industry. The 4.0 intelligent workshop is the place where Sophia explores "new changes, new technologies, newstandards, new intelligent manufacturing and new logistics".

Enteringthe 4.0 workshop, the eye-catching signs of "free hands","reduce consumption and emission", "innovation-driven" and"intelligent collaboration" are greeted in turn. The whole line integratesintelligent storage, logistics equipment and quality inspection equipment to realize intelligent production.

Visible to the naked eye, starting from the intelligent three-dimensional raw material warehouse, each piece of board goes through material opening, sealing, punching, sorting, packaging. No landing, no hand involved the whole process. The 4.0 workshop successfully connects the manufacturing of the traditional production workshop into an intelligent production line, which greatly shortens the production cycle of each batch, speeds up the logistics transfer and reduces the waiting time between processes.

Intelligent stocker achieve the high-level rationalization of the warehouse, access automation, simple operation, a stack of plate automatically assigned a number for management, to achieve the"up and down" seamless operation.

Intelligent sorting system and packaging palletizing system, the hardware is the most popular six axis industrial robot, the software is the independent research and development of the line control system, can continually sorting a large number of orders according to the intelligent sorting system and the packaging requirements of intelligent palletizing.

Innovation and creation let consumers to receive their favorite household products, let consumers really feel the beauty of industry 4.0 along the side.

Automatic intelligent production line is to make Sophia in the premise of quality and appearance, but also to achieve the shortest supply cycle in the industry. The use of extra-large customized size of the telescopic conveyor make their loading more easier and save loading time.