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Main automatic sorters at International market

For example, in a supermarket logistics center, after multiple and complex picking operations, the picked orders need to be sorted according to the store, so that the delivery vehicle can quickly transfer all orders from the store for distribution out of the logistics center. 

All the packages come out of the sorting center then go to different destinations. In the sorting center, according to the parcel destination, the use of advanced sorter for massive parcels supply an efficient classification and processing, this process is called the parcel sorting.

In China, along with fast development, automatic sorter is widely used in medicine, food, tobacco, automobile and other industries, especially for E-commerceand express delivery industry, the automatic sorter explosive growth in recent years.  

The type of automatic sorter include sliding shoe sorter, steerable wheel sorter, cross belt sorer, swing arm sorter, pop-up sorter, rotative lifter sorter etc.