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APOLLO how to solve the barcode identification problem for high speed shoe sorter

High speed Sliding Shoe Sorter advantages and characteristics:   

1. High cost performance, accurately read the barcode.

2. Support high-speed barcode reading, greatly improve the sorting efficiency, andeffectively improve the package processing capacity.  

3. Uneven soft package can also be easily read and reduce manual rework.

The problem of reading code leads to the dilemma of new products  

Recently APOLLO launched a new product - high speed shoe sorter with speed up to 3m/s.  It is a high throughput, precision steering classification of efficient sorting machine, can reliably track and gently out of a variety of mixed good to achieve accurate, safe, gentle and efficient sorting operations.  However, the development of innovative products is always full of challenges. Among them, the most important "obstacle" is the barcode reading.

The barcode reading requirements are very demanding for high speed sliding shoe sorter, which either can not meet the 3m/s speed requirements, or the reading rate is very low for soft packages. To achieve 3m/s speed under the high read rate, the cost will be very high which enterprises can hardly afford.  Faced with this dilemma, APOLLO needed to find a practical and advanced visual solution for the reading problem.  

COGNEX engineers come to APOLLO factory and visit our customer’s site to learn actualuse condition. After some deep communication, COGNEX technical team gave professional answers that have been troubling APOLLO technicians for a long time,with their professionaL knowledge and patience, also provide a lot of very valuablereference opinions. 

Based on APOLLO technical requirements, COGNEX recommended a DataMan 475 stationary reader to solve the technical challenges.  The DataMan 475 reader's multi-core processing power, image technology, high-resolution sensors, advanced decoding algorithms and simple setup tools provide wide coverage and high speed to easily solve complex, high-throughput logistics applications.  

In the commissioning and test at customer site, APOLLO engineers were surprised to seethe performance of the COGNEX DataMan 475 reader. Athigh speeds of 3m/s, the DataMan 475 reader can read even the uneven soft parcels. Barcode reading for high speed shoe sorter problem was solved well.