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2021 APOLLO at Cemat Asia

APOLLO showed the high speed Shoe Sorter and Rotative Lifter at 2021 Cemat Asia, providing the audience with an immersive experience and has been recognized and praised by the majority of clients.

Cemat Asia, an authoritative expo in the logistics equipment industry, it has been welcomed nearly 800 domestic and international first-line brands or enterprises to present the latest technologies and solutions for application scenarios such as system integration, machine vision transportation and sorting systems, AGV/AMR mobile robots, forklifts and accessories.

APOLLO products on display: high speed Shoe Sorter (600*400mm boxes, sorting efficiency 8000-10000 boxes/hour) attracted many interested industry experts and visitors to take photos and inquiry.

APOLLO other core products: Rotative Lifter and Spiral Conveyor, also attracts a lot of inquiries from audience.