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Project case

1. Shoe Sorter Project

    • For famous express company in China.

2. Shoe Sorter Project

APOLLO supply to famous system intergrator.

3. Shoe Sorter Project

For big supermarket sorting vegetables/fruits. 

4. Spiral Conveyor

Delivered in 2018, run stable. 

5. Spiral Conveyor

Delivered in 2020, in good use.

6. Spiral Conveyor

Delivered in 2019 to end user.

7.Rotative Lifter Project

High quality to guarantee performance.

8.Rotative Lifter Project

Mutiple functions for vertical transfer or sorting.

9.Rotative Lifter Project

Used for big-scale logitsic center. 

10. Telescopic Conveyor

Delivered to China tobacco. 

11. Telescopic Conveyor

Used for famous beverage factory. 

12. Telescopic Conveyor

Motorized Movement type only need one person to move it to anywhere you want. 

13. Wheel Sorter Project

Exported to South East Asia. 

14. Wheel Sorter Project

Used for clothing factory. 

15. Wheel Sorter Project

Delivered to pharmaceutical logistic center. 

16. Roller Conveyor

Poly V belt type Roller Conveyor, High quality product in APOLLO ! 

17. Right Angle Transfer

Cost effecitive Pop up Conveyor for 90° transfer.

18.Roller Conveyor System

Roller Conveyor widely used for factory logistics.