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Steerable Wheel Sorter


  • Automatic data collection
  • Automatic weighing, scanning barcode and volume measurement
  • Provide information and data for automatic sorting machine
  • Applicable to kinds of goods, such as different sizes, weights and types.
  • Modular design, simple operation, high stability
  • Customized software system

  • APOLLO Steerable Wheel Sorter (no O belt, high stability)

    Steerable Wheel Sorter use several sets of independent rotating wheels which arranged on each diverter in turn which narrowing the gap between products. Sufficient space make sure that the transfer station has enough time to provide product in tilt position steering to the right, left or bilaterally.

    Product Description: 

    Steerable Wheel Sorter is less costly than Sliding Shoe Sorter, but are not recommended for real long or very small products, popular choice for medium speed sorting. Steerable wheel sorter typically are belt driven, which provides a reliable method of tracking packages to the divert station.

    Main advantages: 

    • Suitable for small or medium rate, easy to control cost benefit
    • Small impact on goods, sorting gently, flexible divert angle options
    • High sorting efficiency, easily meet the needs of high throughput
    • Low noise levels
    • Durable, stable and reliable
    • Easy maintenance, reduce down time, low maintenance and high uptime

    Industry and Applications: 

    APOLLO Swivel Wheel Sorter is a tested and proven technology for use throughout a wide range of industries and applications, including E-commerce, Commodity supermarket , Clothes, Express Parcels, Pharmaceutical & Bio-Tech, Food and Beverage etc.