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Fixed Telescopic Conveyor

  • Conform to ergonomic operating conditions
  • Fast loading and unloading
  • Suitable for variety of vehicle/ truck/container
  • Simple, safe and reliable
  • Loading capacity: 60kg/m ( standard), 120kg/m (heavy duty type)
  • Easy maintenance 
  • APOLLO Telescopic Conveyor, safe and efficient for loading and unloading. Its biggest advantage is providing an ergonomic operating conditions, the operator could adjust the conveyor to achieve a perfect position via buttons to control extending and retracting, load and unloading easily and efficiently, all the actions will be real-time feedback to the operator by electronics. 

    Users can chose our modelaccording to vehicle or truck length. You can also contact with our sales for professional proposal. 

    Additionally, on our web site, we provide guidance for your project solutions.

    If you have a special request,please send us your idea, we will provide a safe and economical solution for you.


  • Remark:  If you need other sizes, please contact usfreely.