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Movable Telescopic Conveyor

  • Easy operation: reduce manual handling, reduce labor intensity.
  • Efficient operation: The Maximum loading amount up to 2250 per hour if based on standard loading speed of 30 m/min for carton (800 x600mm) 
  • Standard work: make loading, unloading as well as storage in an orderly and effectively operations to avoid the mess phenomenon
  • Save labor: Labor can reduce more than 2/3 based on original loading way.
  • Safety: Minimum the lowest accident in the process of loading, even zero incidence.
  • Promote the enterprise image: standard automation equipment, conform to the requirements of the modern enterprise.


  • Product Descriptions: 

    Movable Telescopic Conveyor is suitable for unfixed loading/unloading sites.

    Machine can move randomly, conveniently change position according to the goods or the position of the vehicle.

    Extra functions are available like hydraulic up/down, light, counter etc. 

    Move type: manual movement, rail traverse movement, motorized movement.

    Telescopic conveyor can freely extend on the length direction according to the loading requirements through adjusting buttons. 

    Breaks artificial moving back and forth, shorten the time of loading and unloading.

    Reduce the damage rate of products; guarantee the safety of goods. 

    Goods type: carton,bag, parcel, luggage, tire, plastic box, barrel etc. 

    Loading capacity: 50kg/m ( standard)

    Operation height conform to ergonomic design, easy to handle goods, reduce the labor intensity of workers.

  • Remark:  If you need other sizes, please contact usfreely.