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Climbing Telescopic Conveyor

  • Suitable for unfixed loading/unloading sites.
  • Machine can move randomly at ground, conveniently change position according to the goods or the position of the vehicle.
  • Extra functions are available like hydraulic up/down, light, counter etc. 
  • Mobile type: manual movement, rail traverse movement, motorized movement.  
  • Reduce the damage rate of products; guarantee the safety of goods.
  • Goods type: carton, bag, parcel, luggage, tire, plastic box, barrel etc.  
  • Loading capacity: 50kg/m
  • Operation height conform to ergonomic design, easy to handle goods, reduce the labor intensity of workers.

  • JW-V Climbing Telescopic Belt Conveyor

    This is a complete movable loading and unloading equipment, suit to platformless warehouse, the full length could reach the end of trucks or containers, the flexible solution enables the telescopic conveyor to work anywhere in the plant, realizes loading and unloading anywhere. 

    Large mobile telescopic conveyor weight is about 5 tons, however when choose APOLLO motorized movement type, then no need to worry about moving.  

    Rail Movement Telescopic Belt Conveyor: If your space is allowed, one movable telescopic conveyor can be used for multiple loading doors.