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Carton Loading Conveyor

  • Carton loading conveyor can be used on ground directly for loading or unloading, no need loading dock. 
  • Front part is motorized roller conveyor; goods can be transmitted automatically. 
  • The height of feeding part can be adjustable for operators to put goods comfortably.
  • The height of slope climbing part is adjustable to automatically keep same height level with goods in truck, reduce labor intensity.
  • The front of machine always keep in horizontal condition, so that operator collect goods easily. 
  • Operation height conform to ergonomic design, easy to handle goods, reduce the labor intensity of workers. 
  • Type of goods to handle: carton or package in flat bottom
  • Suitable vehicle: container or van
  • Capacity: 50kg/m 

  • JWB Carton loading conveyor

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    Flexible Roller Conveyor is equipped onto the loading conveyor, which use timing belt to drive roller, strong power, high stability, and long service life.