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Train Loading Conveyor

  • Due to the user site differences, the specification size of train loading conveyor shall be determined according to the user site.
  • JWH Train Loading Conveyor is new loading equipment, high efficient and suit to continuous loading and save handling time for companies. 
  • Train Loading Conveyor achieves the automatic loading, completely replace the traditional human handling via trolleys to realize the modern loading.
  • Train Loading Conveyor greatly reduces the labor intensity in loading, significantly shortens the loading time - saving the loading costs.
  • The climbing part could be adjustable to keep a consistent level with goods, reduce handling intensity of operator to realize the human care for enterprises.
  • LED lights equipped in front to ensure the sufficient brightness inside the train, convenient for operators to stack goods and reduce incidents in loading. 

  • JWH Train Loading Conveyor

    In response to the current train loading problems and slow efficiency in domestic market, APOLLO learned and improved advanced technology from the developed countries in order to meet the demand for train loading. 

    Design philosophy: on thebase of foreign technologies, continuous improving and innovating. 

    Quality control and technical standards: in line with National Standards and Mechanical Design Handbook, guarantees all our products not only meet the technical requirements of user but also relevant national standards, strictly comply with the national EHS.

    The maximum safety standard for APOLLO products ia derived from the 100% protective equipment. No risk of injury, all hazard areas are all covered. 

    The drive and guide are located inside of machine, without protruding edges to provide a safe operation area for the operator.