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Merge/ Accumulation Conveyor


  • APOLLO Merge Conveyor and Accumulation Conveyor use belt or roller to make continuous or intermittent movement for goods.
  • Widely used for goods continuous conveying with speed difference. They can be integrated with automatic sorter or DWS system.  
  • APOLLO Merge Conveyor and Accumulation Conveyor has simple structure,easy maintenance, small energy consumption and low cost.  
  • Length, width, height and other parameters of the Merge Conveyor and Accumulation Conveyor will be determined by the specification of goods.  
  • Belt can choose non-slip PVK, PVC, cold resistant material. Roller can choose Poly-V belt driven or DC roller to meet the various working conditions.  

  • Materials which can be handled include cartons, turnover boxes, parcels etc., running noise is small, suitable for the quiet working environment.  

    Merge Conveyor can merge for two in one, three in one or more in one, suitable to connect with sorter to form the overall logistics delivery system.  

    Merge / Accumulation Conveyor have a variety of forms, narrow belt type, roller type, belt type, etc. according to the characteristics of products.