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Continuous Vertical Conveyor


JW-T Continuous Vertical Conveyor

Vertical Conveyor is mainly used to transport wide range of goods with stable lifting performance. It will be combined with the entry and exit conveyors to compose a complete set of continuous type lifting system. 

Vertical conveyor is driven by chain, the motor is controlled by frequency conversion, transferring goods automatically into the lifter. Vertical conveyor has advanced control transmission, reliable and stable performance, improve positioning accuracy, saving time.

Widely used for logistics, warehousing, home appliances, food, medicine, tobacco, coating chemical industry etc.

In addition, we can provide the guidance of standard solution. If you have specific questions, please give us your requests, we can provide you safe and economic solutions.

  • APOLLO Vertical Conveyor is divided into two types according to transport form, continuous and reciprocating. 

    To solve the vertical transportation for factory workshop, warehouse, distribution center site etc. 


  • Transport type

    Continuous and Reciprocating

    Installation type

    Z type / C type

    Max. Capacity(Reciprocating)

    10-2000 kg

    Max. Capacity(Continuous)

    1-100 kg

    Transport efficiency(Reciprocating)

    100 pcs/h

    Transport efficiency(Continuous)

    1800 pcs/h

    Transport speed


    Max. transport height

    45 meters

    Transport path

     Multi entry and exit between multiple floors

    Environment Temperature

    -10 to +50 °C

    Frame of machine

    Iron sheet/acrylic sheet/mesh plate etc.

    Remark: If you need other non-standard specification size, pls contact with our sales freely.