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Spiral Conveyor


  • Spiral Conveyor is a lifting or descending equipment with good stability and suitable for wide range of goods.
  • Mainly used for the transmission of goods between the height difference
  • Spiral Conveyor and its infeed and outfeed conveyors form a complete of continuous conveying system
  • Spiral Conveyor can supply the temporary storage for goods, or up and down continuous handling.
  • Spiral Conveyor gets the feature of safety and reliability, high efficiency, continuous conveying, space saving, easy maintenance, long service life.

  • Spiral Conveyor is safe and reliable equipment, easy to maintenance, low operation cost, effectively reduce the cost of vertical transmission for users.

    It is suitable for vertical transportation in E-commerce, beverages, tobaccos, postal service, newspaper industry, printing, food, pharmaceutical, electronic products and other industries to solve the vertical transportation in factory workshops, warehouses and distribution centers etc.

    APOLLO Spiral Conveyor adopts modular combination, a unique low friction guide device structure and high load traction for chain, which get the advanced transmission control, reliable and stable performance, and accurate positioning characteristics.

    • APOLLO Spiral Conveyor gets low maintenance and long service life. We only use high quality parts, all bearings are sealed, no need to lubricate.
    • Compared with other traditional conveyor, APOLLO Spiral Conveyor is space saving, faster and more reliable.
    • APOLLO Spiral Conveyor adopts modular design, multiple specifications available to meet different size of goods. It is suitable for vertical transportation for cartons, plastic totes and partial woven bags etc.
    • APOLLO Spiral Conveyor uses low friction slat and rolling friction bearing,which has the characteristics of low wear and low noise.
    • APOLLO Spiral Conveyor is widely used in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, fast consumer goods, clothing, electronic products and other industries.
    • Color can be customized, APOLLO also can supply stainless steel type.

  • Outlet and Inlet Rotation Angle: