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Spiral Conveyor


Spiral conveyor is mainly used for the transports of wide rangeof goods with stable lifting performance. It will be combined with the entry and exit conveyors to compose a complete set of continuous type lifting system.

The equipment is ideal conveyor by the features of safe and reliable, easy maintenance, low operating cost, saving space and longer life, also it can cooperate to be used for temporary storage, warehousing, lifting up and down for the goods in production.

  • Spiral Conveyor adopts module design, belonging to a vertical transmission of the chain plate conveyer, which use the unique low friction boot device structure (the structure contains high tightness and low friction coefficient of metal bearing; Use the high load of traction chain; Rolling rail use PE polymerwear-resisting material; Chain plate is made by the mould forming reinforced polycarbonate injection, has good flexibility and low coefficient of friction), the drive control is advanced, reliable, stable performance, positioning accuracy, etc.

  • Conveyor type

    Chain+Chain plate

    Conveyor direction


    Capacity range

    1-100 kg


    3000 pcs/hour



    Max. height

    12m ( superposition if higher 12m) 

    Conveyor route

    One entry multi exit /Multi entry one exit

    Environmental temperature

    0 ~ +40 °C

    Machine frame

    Carton steel/ Stainless Steel

    Remark: If you need other non-standard specification pls contact with our sales freely.