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Vertical Rotative Sorter


Solve vertical lifting and sorting to save space and improve operation efficiency. 

  • Forms of Entry and Exit: Multiple Entry Multiple Exit, One Entry Multiple Exit, Multiple Entry One Exit etc.

    Throughput: 500-2000 products/hour (According to the size of goods, Entry and Exit forms, etc.)  

    Products to be handled: drums, cartons, turnover boxes, small wooden cases, woven bags, bottles, tires and other packaged products.   

    Vertical Rotative Sorter is right solution to solve the problem of multiple exits sorting in vertical direction.  

    APOLLO uses a unique mechanism to solve the vertical direction of continuous sorting.  

    Combined with our DWS control system, it can be accurately sorted to multi-layer exits.  

    Conveyor at Entry or Exit can be equipped together for continuous conveying, like roller conveyor, belt conveyor, traverse movement type, turnover type and lifting type etc.