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DWS system


  • Automatic data collection
  • Automatic weighing, scanning barcode and volumemeasurement
  •  Provide information and data for automatic sortingmachine
  • Applicable to kinds of goods, such as differentsizes,weights and types.
  • Modular design, simple operation, high stability
  • Customized software system

  • DWS system

    APOLLO DWS system support multiple barcodes inputat the same time, high efficiency of scanning, through automatic mode toachieve the purpose of automatic sorting.


    • Automate measurement process
    • Identify cargo weight and size data
    • Check the data against the configuration file inthe customer database
    • Identify and capture the ID information of thegoods
    • Track and check the status of goods
    • Check and approve cargo information

    When decide DWS solution, need to combine with theoperation flow of automatic sorter, like below:

    • How many packages will be handled each hour.
    • The items shapes and sizes.
    • Types of goods ( polybags, packages, cartons, pallets,etc.)
    • The number of items to be sorted during peak hours
    • The position of the label and barcode specification
    • The speed of sorting equipment

    APOLLO DWS provide a low impact, high performance and high precisionsolution which get the high anti - fatigue strength and long service life, suitablefor small and medium-sized sorting site automatic sorting equipment.

  • Weighing accuracy: 100g-50kg(±50g

    Throughout: 3000-8000 pcs/hour

    Effective width: 600/800/1000mm