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Right Angle Sorter


  • Wide adaptability, easy installation, maintenance-free, low failure
  • Strong control, high safety, high cost performance
  • Realize the gentle transport for goods, widely used in various fields in sorting and conveying
  • The modular and standardized design can combine with most of the customer's conveyor lines
  • Low impact, high performance steering delivery with damage-free tomaterials
  • High fatigue strength and long service life
  • It is the ideal right angle transfer for small or medium-sized sorting sites

  • Why to choose an automatic sorter? 

    1. The automatic sorter can save a lot of time and money.  

    2.  Automated sorter can significantly improve the barcode reading rate and product recognition rate. The scanning accuracy is high, there is little reliance on manual intervention, improve efficiency at the same time greatly reduce the labor management cost.

    APOLLO Right Angle Sorter is a kind of economic sorter, suitable for carton products and sorting efficiency < 2000 pieces/hour, it's an ideal choice for small or medium-sized warehouse sortingeffectively ensure the accuracy of product outbound data. 

    APOLLO Right Angle Sorter is modular design, simple and robust, providing high sorting accuracy and efficiency.  

    We use efficient and space-saving design to manufacture high-speed sorting systems that cover a smaller footprint, more economical and practical than other automatic sorting technologies on the market.  

  • Right Angle Sorter has a variety of specifications to be selected according to the size of goods.