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Pallet Lifter


Pallet Conveyor is driven by chain, the speed is controlled by frequency converter. The lifting cage is equipped with a transmission mechanism so that the pallets can enter into lifter through the reciprocating motion for up and down transfer.

Pallet Conveyor is widely used in household appliances, food, beverage, tobacco, postal, chemical, mechanical electronics, warehouse logistics and other automatic production industries.

  • Pallet Conveyor related performance:  

    • According to the entrance and exit direction can be divided into: Z type, C type, E type;  
    • Lifting speed: <65m/min (chain driven)  
    • Lifting stroke: 0-20m  
    • Maximum throughput: 80 pallets/hour (according to the height)
    • Load: <2000Kg
    • Automatic operation, and equipped with a variety of safety devices to ensure the safety of the person and goods  
    • The up and down stroke of the lifting cage can transport the material, whichcan make bidirectional running for the material in a cycle of movement.
    • If the range of lifting stroke is larger, the throughput will be lesser.
    • Pallet Conveyor is to use the up/down movement to achieve the vertical conveying for materials. The lifting cage can be equipped with different kinds of conveyor, and connect with infeed / outfeed conveyor, so that the conveying process is fully automated to improve production efficiency.
    • Reciprocating Pallet Conveyor has various forms (fixed or mobile), flexible layout, and materials can be in and out of the lifter from all directions.
    • Compared with inclined conveyor, Pallet Conveyor is more space saving.
    • Materials type to be handled: pallet