About Apollo

Company Profile
Suzhou APOLLO is a professional manufacturer who devote to the easy loading or unloading and automatic sorting for plant intralogistics transport and sorting.

APOLLO is located in Wuzhong avenue nearby Taihu lake, which has more than 8000 square meters of processing workshops, equipped with advanced processing equipment, like large laser cutting machine, CNC bending machine, CNC machining center, CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, grinding machine, a complete set shear bending of sheet metal processing equipment, welding robot and other precision machining equipment, advanced technology of electrostatic spraying surface treatment equipment, large and heat resisting lacquer building.


APOLLO, as a professional equipment manufacturer, has improved the extensibility of the current general type conveying equipment through the experience of material handling equipment and modern intelligent control system to meet the needs of the future customers. In the design of each equipment, APOLLO follows the simplification of the complexity of the equipment operation as much as possible. The principle of automation is realized by manual operation as far as possible so as to improve the productivity and economic benefits of the customers.

APOLLO main products include Telescopic Belt Conveyor, Spiral Conveyor, Sliding Shoe Sorter, Steerable Wheel Sorter, Vertical Rotative Sorter, Rotative Lifter, Roller Conveyor, Logistic Conveyor and DWS system etc. Among these products, Telescopic Belt Conveyor and Spiral Conveyor has gained our own brand popularity in China market, meanwhile we have also exported to overseas markets with 12 years exporting business. 

Through the use of APOLLO products and solutions, users can greatly reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency to reduce cost and improve the economic benefit. At present, our products are widely used in the logistics center, the industrial production workshop, storage warehouses and other industrial fields.

With the rapid development of our country's intelligent manufacturing and logistics industry, APOLLO is also facing the situation, and has accumulated many years of experience in the field of automation into the research and development of intelligent logistics related equipment. At present, APOLLO has mature and reliable related equipment, such as Sliding Shoe Sorter, Swivel Wheel Sorter, Swing Arm Sorter, Angle transfer conveyor, latest grade telescopic belt conveyor, vertical and horizontal conveyor. Accumulate automatic weighing, barcode scanning, product transmission, order system feedback, software and hardware at a whole, which can combine a variety of ERP software systems, APOLLO products for customers is to achieve efficient logistics transmission and transport.


APOLLO has a number of senior mechanical, electrical and intelligent control software engineers, providing the feasible solutions and related products for logistics related enterprises.

We sincerely welcome customers to consult and customize the related transport products and sorting system products.

Our customers involve many industries, such as China Postal, SF express, YUNDA, JD.COM, VIP shop, Vientiane logistics, National electric power measurement center, tobacco logistics center, Sophia, Oppein, Robam, Giti, Double star, Moutai, East China medicine, 39 pharmaceutical, Lianhua supermarket, Yonghui supermarket and so on.