Cost-effective Steerable Wheel Sorter For Cartons Sortation

Cost-effective Steerable Wheel Sorter For Cartons Sortation

Product Introduction:

Industry Applications

Steerable Wheel Sorter uses several sets of independent rotating wheels which arranged on each diverter in turn which narrows the gap between products. Sufficient space makes sure that the transfer station has enough time to provide product in tilt position steering to the right, left or bilaterally. APOLLO Steerable Wheel Sorter is a tested and proven technology throughout a wide range of industries and applications mainly include E-commerce, Commodity supermarket, Clothes, Express Parcels, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage etc.

 Small impact on goods, gentle sorting
 Fast and accurate sorting
Large quantity of sorting exits available     
Suitable for small or medium sorting, easy to control cost benefit
Suitable for all kinds of goods, as long as it is cardboard boxes, plastic boxes or any other packages in flat bottom

Sorting throughput: 2000-4000 parcels/hour
Running speed: 30-100 meters/min
Maximum loading capacity: 50 kg/meter 
Low noise: less than 75 dB   
Durable, stable and reliable 


Logistics center receives thousands of goods from different suppliers every day, in a relatively short period of time, they need to unload then sort these goods accurately based on different variety, owner or storage location, transport them to the designated place (such as the specified shelf, processing area, delivery platform, etc). At the same time, when the owner sends their shipping instructions, steerable wheel sorter can accurately find the outbound goods from huge system data, then transport to different exit for loading distribution.        


APOLLO Steerable Wheel Sorter is less costly, it is popular choice for middle or small speed sorting. This sortation does not require a lot of space, which makes them a great option for a smaller stretch of conveyor sortation or if several diverts are required in a relatively small section of conveyor. APOLLO as a manufacturer has access to a variety of automated sortation technologies and designs to help identify the best solution to support your throughput goals and help you exceed your customers’ expectations.


Standard Specifications:

  Item Specification Remark
  Sorter type Steerable wheel sorter A-ZX60 Type
  Parcels type Carbon, turnover box, regular packages If soft package like woven bag,
A-ZX180 is recommened.
  Parcels size L200*W200*H200mm     L800*W800*H800mm Other size can be customized
  Parcels weight 0.1-50kg /
  Sorting throughput 2000-4000 parcels/hour /
  Sorting exits Max.60 Double sides
  Sorting direction One side/ Double side sorting /
  Weighing accuracy ±50g /
  Dimensioning L800*W800*H10-1000mm /
  Frame material Carbon steel Color can be customized
  Machine height 800mm Height can be customized
  Working voltage 3 Phase 380V,415V,480V Voltage can be customized
  System software & DWS Apollo control software Can customize as use's operation demands

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How many packages the steerable wheel sorter can hanle?

Generally the throughput can be up to 3000-4000 packages per hour according to sizes of goods.

2. What is the sorting angle you can do?

30° and 45° sorting angle are available. 

3. Can you customize the dimensions of steerable wheel sorter according to our products size?

Yes, we can customize the wheel sortation module to suit for your products.

4. Can we buy the sortation module seperately?

Yes, we can sell the steerable wheel sorter sepertaley, because it's modularized design.

5. What is your warranty terms?

Warranty time is one year, in case need parts to replace within warranty, APOLLO will provide free of charge.

Main Components:


Automatically space goods one by one


Dimensioning, Weighing and Scanning barcode


Software control


Sorting area


Chute at outfeed area


Finished product testing

Factory Show:

Cartons Sortation fac

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