Portable Carton Loading Conveyor For 20′ft Container Loading or Unloading

Portable Carton Loading Conveyor For 20′ft Container Loading or Unloading

Product Introduction:

Industry Applications

Carton Loading Conveyor is an ideal choice for loading or unloading of 20'ft container or small truck, it is more portable and flexible in use, also easy to another place with little labor by manual. This allows faster, more ergonomic loading and unloading at busy shipping and receiving operations, and ties directly into powered conveyor systems without extensive integration. Widely used for cartons, plastic boxes or products in flat bootom. 


Carton loading conveyor can be used on ground directly for loading or unloading, no need loading dock 
Front part is motorized roller conveyor, goods can be transmitted automatically
The height of feeding part can be adjustable for operators to put goods comfortably
The height of slope climbing part is adjustable to automatically keep same height level with goods in truck, reduce labor intensity

The front of machine always keep in horizontal condition, so that operator collect goods easily
Operation height conform to ergonomic design, easy to handle goods, reduce the labor intensity of workers
Type of goods to handle: carton or package in flat bottom
Capacity: 50kg/m 

Carton Loding Conveyor2

To facilitate the smooth flow of your material or cargo, APOLLO offers a range of functional, customized handling products and systems solutions. We improve and enrich the product line through continuous innovation, professional technology, efficient services to meet the needs of a wider range of users. We make your products to get more fast, reliable and economic loading and unloading.. APOLLO products use common parts and module design, each part are accessible and maintainable, the additional inspection entry allows the service personnel to respond quickly and ensure the operation of the entire logistics system not interrupted.  

Carton Loding Conveyor3

Flexible Roller Conveyor is equipped onto the loading conveyor, which use timing belt to drive roller, strong power, high stability, and long service life. 

Carton Loding Conveyor4

Standard Specifications:

Carton Loding Conveyor5
Model L1(mm) L2(mm) L3(mm) L(mm) H(mm) Belt Width (mm)
B6-600 1200 3000 2600 6000 500-750 600
B6-800 1200 3000 2600 6000 500-750 800

Optional Configurations:

Carton Loding Conveyors01
Carton Loding Conveyors02
Carton Loding Conveyors03
Carton Loding Conveyors04
Carton Loding Conveyors05
Carton Loding Conveyors06

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the maximum extension length you can do?

The maximum of roller part will be 6 meters, so the conveyor can enter 6 meters into truck or container.

2. Can you make the working height adjustable?

Yes, the conveyor height can be adjustable through hydraulic clyinder. 

3. How many people can move the machine?

The conveyor is portable which only need 2-3 people to move it. 

4. Can you customize the machine color as our request?

Yes, we can customize the color you want, just inform us the RAL number.  

5. What is your warranty terms?

Warranty time is one year, in case need parts to replace within warranty, APOLLO will provide free of charge.

Product Features:

Carton Loding Conveyorsx01

Infeed height can be adjustable by manual

Carton Loding Conveyorsx02

Non-slip belt used for high angle climbing

Carton Loding Conveyorsx03

Height can be adjustable by hydraulic system

Carton Loding Conveyorsx04

Casters with brake, easy to fix on floor and flexible to move

Carton Loding Conveyorsx05

Length can be customized

Carton Loding Conveyorsx06

Side guides can be added to double prevent goods fall off (optional) 

Carton Loding Conveyorsx07

Hydraulic power pack is covered for better protection

Carton Loding Conveyorsx08

Easy operation by buttons to control START/ STOP/ DIRECTION/ SPEED

Carton Loding Conveyorsx09

START/STOP buttons at front for operator at front of truck to easy control running

Production Process:

Telescopic Conveyo11

Cut steel plate by laser

Telescopic Conveyo12


Carton Loding Conveyorsxs01


Carton Loding Conveyorsxs02


Carton Loding Conveyorsxs03


Carton Loding Conveyorsxs04


Carton Loding Conveyorsxs05

Powder coating

Carton Loding Conveyorsxs06

Forming frame 

Carton Loding Conveyorsxs07

Lifting test

Carton Loding Conveyorsxs08

Running test

Carton Loding Conveyorsxs09


Carton Loding Conveyorsxs10

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Factory Show:

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