Space Saving Rotative Lifter For Vertical Transfer Between Different Floors

Space Saving Rotative Lifter For Vertical Transfer Between Different Floors

Product Introduction:

Industry Applications

Rotative Vertical Lifter is a lifting or descending equipment with good stability and suitable for wide range of goods, mainly used for the transmission of goods between the height difference. Rotative Vertical Lifter and its infeed and outfeed conveyors form a complete of continuous conveying system. It is suitable for vertical transportation of finished products in the fields of logistics, storage, household appliances, food, medicine, tobacco, coating and chemical industry etc.

● Driven by chain 
Small space occupuation   
Positioning accuracy and time-saving 
Speed controlled by frequency converter to lift goods automatically
The lifter has the characteristics of advanced control transmission, reliable and stable performance

Easy maintainance    
Low operation cost   
Low noise running, quiet and comfortable
Can be used to effortlessly and quickly transport a wide variety of products vertically
Always carry products in an upright position without the risk of product deformation   

Space Saving Rotative Lifter For Vertical Transfer Between Different Floors2

APOLLO Rotative Vertical Lifter can be integrated into most solutions, providing entry and exit in different directions, as well as multi-in and multi-out. It is not only used for the vertical transport of goods, but also realizes the automatic sorting for goods at different floors in the vertical direction.

Space Saving Rotative Lifter For Vertical Transfer Between Different Floors3

APOLLO Rotative Vertical Lifter has a modular design with few moving parts and safe enclosed drive. The components are compact in structure and flexible in application. This ingenious product can lift goods to the required height, the product is always transported horizontally, so the product will not be deformed in shape. Help customers to improve production line efficiency and ensure their material handling needs are met and operation costs are reduced.

Space Saving Rotative Lifter For Vertical Transfer Between Different Floors4

APOLLO design and customize different forms of infeed and outfeed conveyors according to the working process in factory, integrate them seamlessly with other delivery systems. Running direction is either upward or downward.

Up type (One in one out)

Up type (One in one out)

Down type (One in one out)   

Down type (One in one out)

Standard Specifications:

 Item   Specification
 Run direction   Upward / Downward
 Infeed direction   Straight infeed / Side infeed
 Outfeed direction   Straight outfeed / Side outfeed
 Infeed/Outfeed conveyor   Translation connection/ Turnover connection
 Minimum infeed height   ≥750mm
 Maximum lifting height   ≤20m
 Products maximum size   ≤L600×W400×H400mm
 Capacity   ≤50kg
 Throughput   ≤2000 parcels/hour
 Material   Carbon steel/ Stainless steel

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can you customize height as our request?

Yes, height can be customized. 

2. What's the maximum lifting height you can do?

Maximum 20m.

3. Can the lifter run bidirectional or one direction only?

Only one direction, either upward or downward running.

4. What's the maximum speed of your rotative lifter?

Maximum 60m/minute.

5. Can you customize the color as we want?

Yes, color can be customized, just let us know RAL number.

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