High Speed Sliding Shoe Sorter For Express Company or E-Commerce

High Speed Sliding Shoe Sorter For Express Company or E-Commerce

Product Introduction:

Industry Applications

Sliding Shoe Sorter can handle various kinds and sizes of packages by varying the amount of shoes. APOLLO Sliding Shoe Sorter is a tested and proven technology throughout a wide range of industries and applications, including Clothes, Express Parcels, E-commerce, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Furniture, Food and Beverage etc. 


Advanced and reliable sorting technology: can handle a wide range of product sizes, weights and shapes, cost effective and easy to control
High sorting efficiency: easily meet the demand of high throughput
Gentle handling: flexible diverter angle
Operating environment: quiet, low noise

Durability: stable and reliable
Convenient maintenance, reduce downtime and high uptime
The completely closed platform structure effectively prevents products and divert from falling f rom the gap
Materials handle: Carton, Circulating box, Tire, Parcels

High Speed Sliding Shoe Sorter For Express Company or E-Commerce2

Sliding Shoe Sorter is a high throughput, precise diverting sorter which can reliably track and gently sort a wide range of parcels along a linear sortation. APOLLO Sliding Shoe Sorter is modularly designed, which composed of a bed of uniform slats that creates a virtual flat conveyor, ideal for conveying a variety of  parcels. Each slat has a sliding "shoe" attached. Shoes are aligned to one side of the parcel. When a parcel reaches its assigned sorting exit, several shoes are electronically activated to slide in the intended direction, guiding the parcel to its destination. The precision by shoes controlled allow them to gently push parcels toward a lane or chute in a fluid diagonal movement. 

High Speed Sliding Shoe Sorter For Express Company or E-Commerce3

All types of cartons and packaged goods can be accurately sorted to either side of the sorter at high rates of speed. Sliding Shoe Sorter can transport products smoothly, gently, quietly, with noise levels equal to or below 75dB. The use of soft polyurethane creats a small gap between the infeed and outfeed conveyor. Modular component design is adjustable and can be extended or reconfigured to meet changing requirements of user. Overall maintenance is minimal due to simple construction of steel and aluminum components. The closed deck construction allows the sorter to run clean and without gaps.


Sliding Shoe Sorter can be used to sort a variety of product size, shape and weight. For fragile or easily damaged products, a smooth and gentle movement is required from the sorter to exit,  then Sliding Shoe Sorter is an ideal option, unilateral or bilateral sorting both available,  APOLLO can customize sorting direction according to the special system requirements.

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Standard Specifications:

High Speed Sliding Shoe Sorter For Express Company or E-Commerce5
Item Specification Remark
Sorter type Shoe sorter 9030/9025 Type
Parcels type Carton, Circulating box, Tire, Parcels  /
Parcels size Min:L100×W50×H5mm    Max:L1800×W1000×H1000mm  /
Parcels weight 0.1-50kg Max: 100kg
Sorting throughput 4000-8500 parcels/hour  /
Running speed Max.3m/s To be advised based on parcels information
Main conveyor length Max:150m Length can be customized
Sorting direction One side/ Double side sorting /
Frame material Carbon steel Color can be customized
Machine height 800mm-1500mm Height can be customized
Working voltage 3 phase 380V.415V.480V Voltage can be customized
System software & DWS Apollo control software Can customize as use's operation demands

Details Show:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How many packages the sliding shoe sorter can hanle?

Generally the throughput can be up to 6000- 10000 packages per hour according to the sizes of packages. 

2. What is the fastest speed sliding shoe sorter can do?

Standard speed is 2m/s, can customize to maximum 3m/s. 

3. Can you customize sliding shoe sorter?

Yes, we can customize according to your warehouse condidtion and packages size.  

4. How do we install sliding shoe sorter?

APOLLO will give manual, drawing and guidance by photos or videos or online remote guidance. 

5. What is your warranty terms?

Warranty time is one year, in case need parts to replace within warranty, APOLLO will provide free of charge.

Main Components:


Barcode scanning area


Top famous brand Cognex to read barcode


5 sides scanning 




HMI for checking running status


Eletrical control cabinet 


Sliding shoe for sorting 


Infeed conveyor 


Outfeed conveyors

Production Process:


Frame fabricate


Assembly  main parts


Installation of Shoe Sorter


Debug control software and power-on test


Inspection before delivery


Finished product


Noise test


Running test

Factory Show:

High Speed Sliding Shoe Sorter For Express Company or E-Commerce6

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