How to choose flexible roller conveyor?

How to choose flexible roller conveyor?

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To facilitate the smooth flow of your material or cargo , APOLLO offers a range of functional, customized handling products and systems solutions. Now let APOLLO to share you how to choose flexible roller conveyor.


Flexible Roller Conveyor is suitable for flexibleand changeable sites.

Power supply can choose 1 phase or 3 Phase voltage

Driven by synchronous belt with higher power capacity, and the power will not be reduced along with the belt stretched after long time use.

Goods can be transmitted automatically along with roller, no need manual to push goods. 

Shorten time to handle goods, reduce labor intensity, reduce damage to goods, improve work efficiency.


Flexible roller conveyor can be used alone, also can be combined with other transport equipment.

Application: Logistics center, enterprisestorage, food, beverage etc. industry

Directly used on ground after stretching. 

Cargo types: carton

Capacity: 60kg/m

Roller: carbon steel galvanized or stainless steel


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Post time: May-12-2018