What is telescopic belt conveyor?

What is telescopic belt conveyor?

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Telescopic Belt Conveyor is actually a belt conveyor with the ability of telescopic which the length can be arbitrarily adjusted within acertain range. Now let APOLLO to share you about telescopic belt conveyor.

Telescopic Belt Conveyor adopts the expansion mechanism based on the ordinary belt conveyor, so that the machine can be free expansion in the length. Users can control the length of the telescopic belt conveyor by adjusting the button according to their own requirements. With automatic lifting device, the user also can control the height of the end of conveyor at any time. 


Telescopic Belt Conveyor is mainly used in vehicle loadingand unloading and expansion requirements of the material transmission system.  It greatly shorten the manual handling material distance, shorten loading or unloading time, reduce labor intensity, reduce goods damage, reduce loading or unloading costs and improve work efficiency. TelescopicBelt Conveyor can operate and transport materials in both directions.  It also can be used with other conveyors or material sorting system to achieve automatic production of material in and out of storage or vehicle loading and unloading, widely used in various industries of logistics warehouse and E-commerce express sorting center.  

Telescopic Belt Conveyor is mainly used for the loading and unloading of goods with weight of 10-60 kg. Usually the belt width is 600mm and 800mm, the general structure includes 3 sections type, 4 sections type and 5 sections type. Most models are fixed installation, there is also castor mobile but is is manual movement which generally need 5-8 people, so it is very hard to move.


APOLLO telescopic belt conveyor has developed many higher features on the basis of the normal characters to meet the customization needs for more users, like follows:  

1. Belt width: developed the wider belt like 1000mm, 1200mmwidth.  

2. Number of sections: 6 sections is available to save store space.


3. Mobile way: Successfully developed motorized movement typeand rail movement.

4. Capacity: can customize heavy-duty up to 120kg/m.  

5. Internal structure: optimize the internal structure, makethe conveyor more stable and reliable.

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