Wheel Sorter working principle and advantages

Wheel Sorter working principle and advantages

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Steerable Wheel Sorter uses several sets of independent rotating wheels which arranged on each diverter in turn which narrows the gap between products. Sufficient space makes sure that the transfer station has enough time to provide product in tilt position steering to the right, left or bilaterally. Wheel Sorter change the direction of transportation by induction. It can sort large volume of goods with fast speed. Now let APOLLO to share you the advantages of wheel sorter in details.


Working principle of wheel sorter:

1. Wheel Sorter is mainly composed of wheels, synchronous steering controller, transmission device and frame. During operation, according to the instruction and information identification given by the management system, the steering controller changes the running direction of the wheels which can realize the sorting of goods on the left and right sides then transfer the goods to the diverting conveyor.

2. The surface of wheel adopts the covered rubber or polyurethane structure, steering sorting effectively avoid damage to the surface of goods, sorting fast,accurate, no impact on goods.

3. Can be applied to the sorting of fragile goods. Widely used in all kinds of logistics distribution center, all kinds of boxes, bags, pallets, bottles, books, packages, electronic products, etc.


Wheel Sorter advantages:

1. Sorting speed is greatly improved, materials can be sorted continuously in large volumefor a large number of automatic operation in the assembly line. Wheel Sorter is not limited by climate, time and human physical factors.

2. The sorting error rate of the wheel sorter mainly depends on the input mechanism of the sorter signal, that is depends on the reliability and accuracy of the information acquisition system. If manual keyboard input or language recognition is used, the error rate is more than 3%. But if the use of barcode scanning input, the error rate is only one in a million, unless the barcode itself is wrong, otherwise it will not go wrong, therefore the wheel sorter is widely used.  Barcode technology identifies materials. 

3. Wheel sorter greatly reduce labor, sorting operation is basically automated, one of the purposes of establishing a wheel sorter is to reduce the number of personnel. Reduce the labor intensity of personnel and improve the efficiency of operations. Wheel sorter can minimize the number of personnel, basically unmanned operation. 


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